Make sense of the best wine pairings by recognizing the worst

Pairing wine and food is in many cases an individual perception. But there are guidelines which suggest the most popular pairings and then there are commonly excepted pairings which are deemed to be universal mismatches.

To make sense of the best wine pairings, it helps to recognize the worst wine pairings. This gives an indication of which tastes complement and which tastes clash with one another.

Champagne / Sparkling Wine

Bubbles wake up the taste buds and Sparkling wines are eminently food-friendly.

Worst Pairing:

A frequent wine-pairing mistake: cake and bubbly. The Champagne is relatively tart, the cake is super-sweet, and it’s like World War III in your mouth.

Great pairing:

Great with Saltimbocca Veal or Oysters

Cabernet Sauvignon

Big Cabs are the giants of the wine world: Be careful, or they will stomp all over your menu.

Worst pairing:

Filet of sole or any white flaky fish, is delicate, and the big wine will overshadow the taste and can actually sour the taste.

Great pairing:

Red wine and beef is a classic match, but the addition of soy sauce, which helps soften tannins, makes the match that much better

Sauvignon Blanc

These wines tend to have fruity, citrus and grassy aromas with crispy and fresh finishes.

Worst pairing:

Brussels sprout and Blue cheese. Blue cheese does not complement this wine style and the taste of Brussels sprouts tends to become sour with some Sauvignon Blancs.

Great pairing: Sole (or a white flaky fish) with a Lemon and herb sauce. The wine and the sauce has a complimentary similarity which is divine.


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