Laughter and red wine: The key to longevity

According to recent studies laughter and moderate red wine is the key to longevity. So having a few laughs with friends and a glass of red wine can be great for your body and soul.

Two separate research groups have released findings that might confirm what you may know: Laughter and moderate red wine and a handful of walnuts or peanuts are the best longevity, disease-fighting and anti-aging secrets out there.

Reports from the Montefiore Einstein Cancerdefine Center at Montefiore Hospital are that they have been using ‘strength through laughter’ therapy to cure patients for the last five years.

During the laughter therapy session, the patients crack each other up and laugh to forget their own illness; they also use good film comedies, books and stand-up specials during the session.

The American Cancer Society and other medical experts say that laughter is the best therapy to reduce tension and relax the body. It lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress hormones define and increases muscle flexion.  Many medical experts laud laughter’s unique internal organ massage benefits.

To add to this, Harvard researchers have made claims they have a critical key to unlock the secret of aging. The Harvard studies showed that resveratrol also found in the crust of peanuts and walnuts, in grapes, peanut butter, pistachios and other foods seemed to ward off the effect of age on heart, bones, eyes and muscles.


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One Comment on “Laughter and red wine: The key to longevity”

  1. winephantom Says:

    Great Post! More people need to know about this!
    On a recent visit to my doctor for a yearly check up, he noted that my blood pressure was a bit high for a man my age. Knowing that I am a enthusiastic wine drinker he concluded that my elevated blood pressure wasn’t a problem as long as I had had a good time getting it up there!
    And remember that red wine is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system, I found a Merlot that once cured my broken heart.
    Vinous Regards

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