Guidelines to storing wine in closets, racks and home cellars

What to look for and to take into account when deciding on how you want to store your wine.


A wine closet

Look around your home for a dark, quiet place with a constant temperature and no vibration. If you choose a closet, it is preferable to choose one that is on a north wall. A North wall rarely receives direct sunlight, thus the heating of the storage space in the summer is reduced.

Such a wine closet may ruin a few bottles after some months of storage.

You can also purchase one of the wine cooler cabinets that are on the market.

Wine racks

Bottles must be stored on their sides to keep the corks moist. You have three solutions :

You build a few shelves yourself;

You take advantage of the many professional companies that design wine racks to suit any space;

You go to your hardware store and purchase square clay pipes (used for chimneys) and build instant racks with them. Stackable and cheap!

Building a wine cellar

To establish your collection in the basement, find a location that is far away from any heat source, vibration (subway) or strong odours (like fuel). Insulation and humidity are primary considerations for custom wine cellar design.

The drier the cave, the faster the corks will dry out. If the stopper lets too much air pass, it will ultimately spoil the wine. Aging wines for ten years requires a minimum of 60 percent humidity.


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One Comment on “Guidelines to storing wine in closets, racks and home cellars”

  1. C de Vos Belgraver Says:

    Surely, in South Africa, a north-facing wall is NOT ideal as it will indeed be exposed to heat and sunlight?

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