Hosting a Blind Wine Tasting Party

Wine tastings are always fun to participate in. To make it much more personal, why not host one yourself. To test everyone’s skills, a blind tasting is in order. Here are a few tips:

There are many ideas for wine tasting party fun, but when preparing for blind tasting, you should decide on a general theme. You can buy wines that are from different countries, regions, or grape varieties. Provide your guests a written description of each wine’s characteristics, such as flavors, aromas, or tannic qualities to look for when tasting. Many of these descriptions can come right from the wine’s label.

You can also choose wines of varying price ranges, from cheap table wines to more expensive quality wines. Your guests must try to determine which wines are the cheapest and the most expensive. No matter what your wine theme is, each guest should be given a score card with different categories to evaluate each wine’s qualities and whether or not they like them.

Before your guests arrive, you need to conceal the identity of each bottle of wine. You might want to remove any foil caps from the wine’s necks as well, to conceal any telltale markings. You  have to mark the bottles somehow that you know what is what.

Like non-blind wine tasting parties, you’ll want to serve your wines from white to red, light to full-bodied, sweet to dry, or young to old. The glasses used for wine tasting are important – each guest will need a large-bowled wine glass in order to properly swirl and sniff each wine.

Each guest also needs a disposable cup to discard any wine they don’t swallow, as well as the all important wine tasting score cards and pencil. The table should have a large container for pouring out any unused wine guests want to discard and a pitcher of water to be used for cleaning out glasses between wines. In addition, you’ll want to have something available to cleanse the palate, such as bread, plain crackers, and water.

Once the wine tasting is complete, each guest should turn in their scorecards and the results tallied. Prizes can be awarded to those who guessed the most correctly, preferably a bottle of their favorite wine. In the end, you and your guests will have had a wonderful time learning about different wines and what makes them so delicious!

Recommended wine: Alto has a fantastic  range of red wines which will be ideal for tasting evenings.


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