The perfect dinner party

As we are moving into winter, the time for more dinner parties are upon us. There is nothing more satisfying then hosting a successful dinner party. Sometimes it can be a stressful and overwhelming task, so here are a few tips:

Decide what kind of dinner party you want to host

Before you invite people over, you should decide the size and tone of the dinner party. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How big to you want the party to be? I think that six to eight people is good number to start with and test the waters. That way you’ll have a chance to speak with everyone for at least a bit.
  • Who do you want to spend time with? Try to mix people with different interests and personalities to encourage conversations. You might even consider inviting a combination of neighbours and co-workers.
  • What kinds of food should you serve? You can keep things informal by choosing finger foods for appetizers. As far as the main course goes, Italian dishes can be relatively easy to prepare and great to serve a large group.
  • Should you ask others to bring food? Having others bring a dish can be a wonderful way to lighten your load, and also adds to the diversity of the meal.

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