Hot Olives

Heating olives gives them an undeniably new dimension. By combining this with the flavours of a fresh baguette, it will impress and delight guests. Perfect for a quick, but delicious starter.


150 ml Virgin olive oil
1t Fresh rosemary (not chopped)
1t Parsley – roughly chopped
2 Red chillies chopped (Leave the chilly out of the recipe if you are not fond of  fiery food)
1 Garlic clove – finely sliced
200g Kalamata olives
1 Spring onion – chop the stalks and leaves
1 Fresh baguette


Heat the olive oil, rosemary, chillies, parsley and garlic slowly in a pan for 5 minutes. Just to infuse the flavours with the oil.

Add the olives and heat through for about 2 minutes.

Add the spring onion at the end, give it a good stir + serve with baguette.

Recommended wine: Try the Alto Shiraz with this starter.

Source: food24

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